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Probation & Parole officers and Troop 4 Troopers receive cookies and thank you notes from the 2022 Back the Blue Caravan


President Sunderlin (41st) and President Parsons (38th) thank the Millsboro PD


Back the Blue Caravan 2022 participants


Caravan stops to honor the Dagsboro and Frankford Police Departments


Officer A.J. receives the Caravan’s thanks in Selbyville


The Fenwick Island and South Bethany PD’s posed in this picture with the Caravan in heavy mist and winds off the beach


The final stop of the Caravan was to honor the Bethany Beach and Ocean View PD’s


On an ever changing weather day, the 41st District Republican Club and the 38th District Republican Club, along with local citizens, rode in 18 cars to visit 10 different law enforcement agencies serving the two districts.  Each of the agencies received cookies from the participants along with thank you notes for putting their lives on the line every day in order to keep us safe.  We can not thank these men and women in blue enough for their unselfish sacrifice on our behalf.  The 2022 Back the Blue Caravan is comprised of “We the People” and continues to grow in size each year.  To the men and women in blue, “Thank you for your service!”

41st VP, Jennifer Quinn pictured with our September speaker, Alexandra Reed Baker


On Wednesday night, September 7th, the 41st District Republican Club & PAC held their monthly meeting at the Indian River Senior Center in Millsboro.  Our guest speaker was Alexandra Reed Baker, primary Republican candidate for Recorder of Deeds in Sussex County.  Alexandra is one of our young Republicans who has stepped up to run for elected office and we applaud her.  Best of luck, Alexandra, in the primary on Tuesday, September 13th!



David Stevenson from CRI addresses the 41st






On May 2, 2022, Mr. David Stevenson from the Caesar Rodney Institute addressed the 41st on the current available facts surrounding the future Skip Jack Wind Farm project off the coast of Delaware.  The audience discovered that much of what has been distributed by the media is certainly not addressing the potential problems that the citizens of Delaware will face if the project goes forward as currently planned.



Greg Fuller, Republican candidate for Sussex County Register of Wills addresses 41st Club.

Senator Gerald Hocker updates the 41st Club on the latest happenings in Dover

Sussex County Councilman, John Rieley, addresses the 41st Club



The 41st Club is proud to have our elected officials attend our meetings. L to R, Representative Rich Collins , Sussex GOP Chair, Marilyn Booker,  Candidate for Register of Wills, Greg Fuller, Senator Bryant Richardson, County Councilman, John Rieley, County Councilman, Doug Hudson and Senator Gerald Hocker


On Monday, April 4, 2022 Mr. Greg Fuller was our guest speaker.  He explained why he is the best candidate for Sussex County Register of Wills and just what the duties of the office entail.  He was extremely well received.  Other elected officials serving the 41st District were also present and each updated the audience on current and upcoming legislation.  The 41st Club will be holding their second annual “Back the Blue” caravan on Wednesday, May 11th from 10 am – 1 pm.  All interested participants should contact the club at  Our next meeting will be on Monday, May 2nd.  Our guest speaker will be Mr. David Stevenson from the Caesar Rodney Institute and he will be addressing the wind farm project off the coast.




41st member, Greg Fuller, officially files for Sussex County Register of Wills on January 5, 2022

41st President, Drew Sunderlin, congratulates Greg Fuller












WREATHES ACROSS AMERICA Delaware Veterans Cemetery 12/18/21


Hundreds participated

Laying of the Wreathes

41st members paying their respects








41st Republican Club Meeting 12/6/21

Our club was fortunate to have two outstanding members of the Delaware State Police address our club through their Community Outreach Program. Troopers Master Corporal Louis Briggs III (left in picture below) and Master Corporal William (Billy) Bant (right) entertained the audience with their personal stories on being “On the Job” and took the time to answer every question posed by the club members in attendance. These men are a credit to the DSP force and our club fully supports their efforts in keeping us safe. Click below on the link to their Elder Fraud power point presentation.

41st Elder Fraud 2021 by Sgt Morris

Click below for DSP contact information

DSP Contact Information

DSP Community Outreach Program Troopers Briggs & Bant

U.S. Congressional Candidate Lee Murphy addressing the 41st.

Senator Bryant Richardson updating the 41st.

On Monday, October 4th, 2021 U.S. Congressional candidate Lee Murphy was the guest speaker for the 41st District Republican Club & PAC. Mr. Murphy did an outstanding job explaining why he is running and how he differs from the incumbent Lisa Blunt Rochester. Mr. Murphy received a standing ovation at the completion of his presentation. Senator Richardson took the podium and recapped the Right for Life rally in front of the Planned Parenthood building in Seaford on Saturday, October 2nd. In addition he covered many topics of concern to the audience.


Senator Pettyjohn conducts Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally in Georgetown, May 17, 2021

On a beautiful evening State Senator Brian Pettyjohn conducted the 2nd Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally in Georgetown. Officers from all over the county assembled to receive praises from our legislators and citizens who chanted “Back The Blue.”


41st Lead Vehicle to Honor The Blue


Sargent Bradshaw of Ocean View PD Receives Gift From 41st President Drew Sunderlin

41st Caravan at Ocean View PD


41st Republican Club Rallies in Support of Law Enforcement

41st member, Barb Sunderlin jokes with Dagsboro/Frankford officer “Tony”

Trooper Troy Ralston of DE State Police, Troop 4 very appreciative of the 41st

Selbyville officer thankful for the 41st honoring her service

Chief Calloway of the Millsboro PD, on his day off, took time to meet and thank the 41st.

On Saturday, May 15th, 2021, the 41st District Republican Club & PAC honored our local police with a caravan to each of the following police departments: Ocean View, Selbyville, Frankford, Dagsboro, Millsboro and Troop 4. The weather was perfect and our thanks to 41st members Drew & Barb Sunderlin, Allison Milles, Jim Anderson, Phil & Mimi Drew, Barry Koch and Mary and Claire Marino for decorating their cars and coming out to represent our club. Each police department was given a tub of chocolate chip cookies and a thank you note from our club for their service to our community. Every department REALLY appreciated our efforts in support and as Officer Bradshaw said, “This makes my day more than you can know.”






 The 2nd Amendment Rally took place on May 8, 2021 at Legislative Mall.  Over 500 people attended this event, including members from the 41st District Republican Club & PAC.  Despite the occasional brief shower, everyone stayed for the full 2 1/2 hours to hear inspiring speeches from our own Senator Pettyjohn, Senator Richardson, Representative Collins and Julianne Murray along with other keynote speakers.  Let’s hope the lawmakers who introduced Senate Bills 3 & 6 take note that We The People will not accept their attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment rights.




January 18, 2022

Delaware’s 40-year experiment: pro-growth vs. anti-growth policies

by Charlie Copeland, Center for Analysis of Delaware’s Economy & Government Spending

NEWARK, DE – In 1980, the US and Delaware economies were in shambles. Forty years later, at the end of 2020, the US and Delaware economies were again suffering because of the global pandemic. This 40-year period provides a real-life experiment in pro-growth versus anti-growth Delaware-based government policy. The results are clear.

The graph below shows the outcome of Delaware’s pro-growth versus anti-growth policies, including a forecast of what New Castle County could have been if the anti-growth forces had not won in 1998 when employment creation ended in the county.


Two eras in New Castle County – 1980-2000 and 2000-2020

As the 1970’s economic malaise ended in late 1982, the overall US economy roared to life, job growth in New Castle County riding on the back of the pro-growth policies implemented by former governors Dupont’s and Castle’s administrations also roared, averaging almost 3% per year for the decade of 1983 to 1993. The national recession of 1992 hit hard, causing a brief swoon until further growth promoted by the Carper Administration fueled a somewhat less robust 10-year average 2% per year growth from 1990-2000.

Then, in 1998, something changed, and economic investment in New Castle County quickly stopped. Within two years of the passage of the County’s Unified Development Code, employment growth in New Castle County was flatlined. Since 2000, employment in New Castle County has grown an anemic 0.3% per year through 2020.

The 1998 Unified Development Code passed by the New Castle County Council was an economy killer – dramatically destroying property rights and growth investment in the county. Once the legacy projects were completed, employment growth simply stopped. Anti-growth forces had won, and job opportunities were lost.

Meanwhile, in a County not far away — Sussex on a 40-year tear

Compare New Castle County’s trajectory — pro-growth policies followed by anti-growth policies — with Sussex County’s trajectory where pro-growth policies continued, unabated, for 40 years. In 1980, there were 46,558 jobs in Sussex County. Today, there are 114,297. Over this period, Sussex County employment has grown 145%, more than doubling the anemic 67% of New Castle. If not for the “Great Recession,” Sussex County would show a very consistent ~2.5% year-over-year employment growth rate over the entire 40-year history.

A New Castle County Forecast

No one could say for sure what New Castle County would have looked like if the forces of stagnation had not triumphed in 1998. But, using Sussex County as a guide, one could posit that there would be almost 50,000 more jobs in New Castle, and wages would be much higher due to the demand for employees–an increase in the workforce equates to an overall population increase of 100,000 or more in New Castle County. Population growth is economic growth. (See red dash line on the graph.)

Instead of recognizing New Castle’s errors, Delaware policymakers have begun to imitate New Castle County’s anti-growth agenda on a statewide basis. For example, increasing regulations, taxes, and employment costs on small businesses reduces business investment leading to lower employment growth. The graph shows that pro-growth policies would have solved the wage problem without government coercion as local businesses competed for quality workers for the 50,000 jobs that would have existed in New Castle.

The 2022 legislative session provides the perfect opportunity to return Delaware to the policies of employment growth.

(Source: All data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)


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