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Uncle Sam & Captain America at the State GOP Convention

41st Delegates in the Sussex GOP tent

On a beautiful, but quite warm Saturday, the GOP State Convention was held in Milford, DE. Speechs were given by Chris Kenny (CEO of Shoprite Food Stores) and Paris Dennard, RNC Senior Communications Director, who delivered an excellent keynote speech. Elections were held for Delaware GOP Chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer. Carol Bodine, the state GOP long-time secretary, retired from her position and was replaced with Dr. Julia Pillsbury. Incumbents Jane Brady (Chair), Pam Thorton-Bakarian (Vice-Chair) and Dennis Cini (Treasurer) were all re-elected to their offices.


Senator Pettyjohn conducts Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally in Georgetown, May 17, 2021

On a beautiful evening State Senator Brian Pettyjohn conducted the 2nd Annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Rally in Georgetown. Officers from all over the county assembled to receive praises from our legislators and citizens who chanted “Back The Blue.”

41st Lead Vehicle to Honor The Blue


Sargent Bradshaw of Ocean View PD Receives Gift From 41st President Drew Sunderlin

41st Caravan at Ocean View PD


41st Republican Club Rallies in Support of Law Enforcement

41st member, Barb Sunderlin jokes with Dagsboro/Frankford officer “Tony”

Trooper Troy Ralston of DE State Police, Troop 4 very appreciative of the 41st

Selbyville officer thankful for the 41st honoring her service

Chief Calloway of the Millsboro PD, on his day off, took time to meet and thank the 41st.

On Saturday, May 15th, the 41st District Republican Club & PAC honored our local police with a caravan to each of the following police departments: Ocean View, Selbyville, Frankford, Dagsboro, Millsboro and Troop 4. The weather was perfect and our thanks to 41st members Drew & Barb Sunderlin, Allison Milles, Jim Anderson, Phil & Mimi Drew, Barry Koch and Mary and Claire Marino for decorating their cars and coming out to represent our club. Each police department was given a tub of chocolate chip cookies and a thank you note from our club for their service to our community. Every department REALLY appreciated our efforts in support and as Officer Bradshaw said, “This makes my day more than you can know.”






The 2nd Amendment Rally took place on May 8th at Legislative Mall.  Over 500 people attended this event, including members from the 41st District Republican Club & PAC.  Despite the occasional brief shower, everyone stayed for the full 2 1/2 hours to hear inspiring speeches from our own Senator Pettyjohn, Senator Richardson, Representative Collins and Julianne Murray along with other keynote speakers.  Let’s hope the lawmakers who introduced Senate Bills 3 & 6 take note that We The People will not accept their attempt to infringe on our Second Amendment rights.

41st members & guests

Sgt. Bradshaw & Detective Harrington deliver Active Shooter Presentation to 41st












Jim Anderson, past Treasurer receives “Thank You” from the 41st



The 41st District Republican Club & PAC had it’s final meeting before the summer break on Monday, June 7th at the Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club in Dagsboro.  Our guest speaker, Chief Ken McLaughlin, from the Ocean View Police Department, was unable to present his “Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events” course due to illness, but he sent two outstanding members of his department in his place.  Sgt. Bradshaw and Detective Harrington did an outstanding job and received a standing ovation from the audience of over 40 members and guests.  Senator Hocker also addressed the audience on matters of the state.  Our next meeting will be in our new, permanent, location at the Indian River Senior Center, 214 Irons Ave. in Millsboro at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, September 8, 2021.  Our guest speaker will be Mayor Michelle Truitt of Millsboro.

HB75 is a controversial bill that needs the public’s input.  Below is the letter that the Advisory Board of the Sussex GOP is addressing to the General Assembly.  Our state legislators need to hear from you with your opinion on this matter.  Please copy or personalize, the letter below and send it to as many legislators as you can.  Without your input, this amendment to the state’s constitution will move forward as is.


Delaware General Assembly

411 Legislative Avenue

Dover, DE 19901

Last year the Delaware General Assembly proposed and passed a bill that would amend Article V Section 4A of the State’s Constitution by removing the current language which outlines who may vote absentee. By Delaware law, any alteration to the State’s Constitution must be passed in two successive sessions of the General Assembly.  To fulfill this requirement, this year, the second leg of this process in the form of House Bill 75 has been filed with the legislature.

The members of the Advisory Board of the Sussex County GOP are opposed to amending Article V Section 4A of the Delaware Constitution for the following reasons.


  • The language in House Bill 75 is so very general that if passed, it would be impossible to know exactly what, if any, limitations there would be on absentee voting. In fact, the term “absentee voting” as we know it today, should actually be replaced with “mail-in voting” as all eligible voters would be able to cast a mail-in vote.  Additionally, the general language suggests that the General Assembly may change the circumstances, rules, and procedures for voting at any time, for any reason.
  • This past year we had a “dress rehearsal” of sorts for mail-in voting that did not go well. Requests for mail-in ballots supposedly were sent to all eligible voters.  In actuality, some eligible voters never received the requests.  Others received multiple ballot requests at their addresses – many for people who no longer lived at that address.  Additionally, some voters received these unsolicited requests for ballots and went to the polls to cast their votes.  However, the records show that they voted absentee.  Certainly, these irregularities lead one to question the integrity of the process.
  • The typical procedure for absentee ballots is that the signatures on the outside envelopes are checked against signatures that the state has on file in the form of State-issued ID’s or drivers licenses when the ballot reaches the offices of the Board of Elections. During this past year’s elections, by their own admission, the Board of Election’s offices were so overwhelmed with the volume that at a certain point, the process of matching signatures was suspended and ballots were just processed.   This situation in the presence of mass-mailing requests leaves us to question just how secure the mail-in voting process would be.
  • The usual reason for an absentee ballot to be rejected is signature verification. According to Ballotpedia in 2016 and 2018, the percentage of rejected absentee ballots were 1.54% and 4.99% respectively.  In 2020, the percentage of rejected absentee ballots plummeted to 0.21%.  It belies logic that for the 2020 election, absentee voters suddenly became cognizant of the correct way to complete and submit their ballots.
  • The voter rolls are not accurate. We are aware of a number of people who are either deceased or have moved out of the area who continue to show up on the voter rolls.  Thus, if the new process would include mass-mailing of ballots or requests for ballots, there will be multiple opportunities for inappropriate behavior and fraud.


Finally, as representatives of the voters in Sussex County, we believe that the most important privilege and responsibility a citizen has is exercising his/her right to vote.  Certainly, for those who are unable to go to the polling place as currently outlined in Article V Section 4A, absentee voting is essential.  For the rest of eligible voters, we would believe that going to the polls and exercising this sacred privilege is not too burdensome.

We respectfully request that each of you takes these concerns into serious consideration.  No matter what your personal belief about the integrity of the 2020 election, it is imperative that you understand that some of your constituents have reservations.  It is incumbent upon this body to restore confidence in the process.  A good start would be to address these points to mitigate any doubts.


CRI News, Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Why Offshore Wind Faces Lawsuits

By David T. Stevenson, Director

Center for Energy & Environmental Policy

September 14, 2021 (originally released on 9/13/2021)

Nantucket residents have filed a landmark lawsuit over federal approval of Vineyard Wind, the first industrial-scale offshore wind project in the U.S. Federal law protects existing ocean uses: commercial fishing, vessel traffic, the viewshed, and endangered species from new energy projects. Since federal approvals of all offshore wind projects will likely use the same flawed process, a court win for this lawsuit may stop all the projects.

Those Nantucket residents are not alone. Beach communities from North Carolina to Maine and the Great Lakes joined together to form the American Coalition for Ocean Protection. The groups share information, resources, and strategies to be watchdogs against misguided federal and state offshore wind policy and have started a common legal defense fund.

President Biden set a goal of 30 gigawatts of offshore wind to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The EPA created a calculator that shows the impact of such cuts would reduce global temperature by an insignificant 0.004 degrees Fahrenheit. The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the NOAA Fisheries Service failed to use the best available science in its approval process.

Loud turbine installation activities and continued turbine operations threaten the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale. New studies found more frequent whale sightings and more operational noise interference from a switch to larger turbines by the developer. The threat of a lawsuit resulted in the NOAA Fisheries Service promise of a new study, but with no timeline for completion. The plaintiffs want the development stopped until the study is completed.

Turbine blades sweep an area the size of eight football fields with blade tips whirling at up to 180 mph, posing a hazard to birds in the Mid-Atlantic Flyway. Thousands of miles of high voltage cables will bring power ashore. Acres of concrete and rocks will be placed on the seabed to prevent scouring, changing the ocean habitat risking death to marine life at the bottom of the food chain. No studies have been done to estimate the potential loss of marine and avian life.

Thousands of Chrysler Building-sized turbines could occupy Vineyard Wind and six other adjoining leases covering an area the size of Rhode Island. Tourists may not return to beaches with visible turbines. A BOEM study with smaller turbines determined they would “dominate” the horizon at 15 miles, and a second study showed up to 38% of beach renters would not return if turbines were visible. BOEM ignored both studies. Instead, BOEM used a tourism impact study that one of its authors has stated is not applicable for the larger turbines planned for the Vineyard Wind project.

BOEM moved a lease area near Kitty Hawk National Park 28 miles from shore to protect the view. New York State created a 20-mile exclusion zone based on the BOEM study, canceled a lease area 12 miles off the Hamptons, and BOEM approved the cancelation. However, BOEM still supports turbines as close as 14 miles from Nantucket and between 10 and 15 miles in most of the 17 lease areas planned along the east coast.

Experiences in Europe and BOEM’s own remarks suggest commercial fishermen will abandon prime fishing grounds covered with turbines. Concerns over potential damage to fishing gear increased vessel collisions, and the higher cost of insurance are the driving factors. The 900 feet tall turbines drove a Coast Guard determination that the Search and Rescue operations would be compromised, adding to safety concerns.

Turbines also eliminate the ability to do estimates on the population of commercial seafood species to establish “take” limits. BOEM decided finding a new population estimate procedure would take too long. Timing on a solution was left indeterminate, if ever.

The lack of answers to so many critical questions is a direct result of BOEM releasing a “Final Environmental Impact Statement” just nine days after accepting the developer’s permit request. BOEM has provided a target-rich arena for litigation.

Besides the legal issues, Vineyard Wind will cost about 10 cents/kilowatt-hour over its expected 20-year life, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, over three times as much as the current wholesale price of power. Even solar and onshore wind power is much less expensive at about $0.04.

Considering the higher cost of electricity, lost tourism, and fishing, the President’s offshore wind plan might cost half a trillion dollars and 150,000 jobs. Over $250 billion may go to Europe to pay for turbines, vessels, installation crews, and subsidies paid by Americans.

David T. Stevenson is Director of the Center for Energy & Environment at the Caesar Rodney Institute and a founding member of the American Coalition for Ocean Protection



September 10, 2021
Celebrate Constitution Day

Order Tickets for the First Annual Constitution Day Celebration!

The US Constitution is the most powerful document in history. The Delaware State Republican Party will celebrate the tradition and defend the principles for today and our future on September 17, Constitution Day!

We have an incredible speaker. Amy Swearer, from the Heritage Foundation, is an expert on defending the rights defined in the Constitution.  Read about Amy on

Join National Committeeman Hank McCann, National Committeewoman Mary McCrossin, Officers Pam Bakarian, Julia Pillsbury, and Dennis Cini; Regional Chairs P.J. O’Dwyer, Jim Weldin, Peter Kratofilow, Marilyn Booker, Jason Stewart, Eric Braunstein, and me as we host the first Annual Constitution Day Celebration. 

  • Date:   Friday, September 17
  • Time:  5:30 Cocktails, 6:15 Dinner
  • Place:  Modern Maturity Center, Dover Delaware
  • Cost:   $50/ person, $350 per table for 8

Order Your Tickets Today!

Join us to celebrate the Constitution of the United States of America.

Jane Brady


Delaware State Republican Party

Paid for by the Republican State Committee of Delaware




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