June 14, 2022

41st District Republican Club & PAC member Kimberley Kaan won her bid for election to the Millsboro Town Council on Saturday, June 11, 2022.  Kimberley wishes to thank each and every one of you who voted for her.  She won by a substantial margin 284 to 159!  The previous election there were only 39 votes.  Millsboro will be better served now that Kimberley is in office!


May 5, 2022

Bethany Beach Boardwalk “We the People” Celebrates One Year
41st We the People 5.5.22

July 30, 2021

Heritage Action for America – Critical Race Theory Town Hall 7/29 (Reviewed by Drew Sunderlin, President, 41st District Republican Club & PAC)

I hope you got the chance to attend this VERY informative town hall. Approximately 400 people attended a well presented panel discussion on the real meaning of Critical Race Theory. In my opinion, the highlight of the discussion was when Xi Van Fleet (who grew up in China during the Mao regime) took the audience through her life experiences in communist China. Every single effort the Chinese government undertook to destroy classes of people in China is the EXACT playbook the Critical Race Theory advocates are employing right here in the United States. 6 presenters on the panel explained their reasons for being there and each one had both troubling experiences, but uplifting messages to convey. The bottom line is if we do nothing to combat this cancer that is being injected into our culture, then we are destined to loose our democracy and become another socialist nation. Parents should get involved in their children’s education. Contact the principle of the school, teachers and administrators and demand to see their children’s curriculum and lesson plans. Before COVID most parents had no idea what their children were being taught. When learning went virtual many, but not all, agendas were exposed. This cancer has been permeating through our educational system for decades and now has reached a fever pitch. Stand up America! Get involved with your school boards and take your country back before it no longer exists as we have known it.

If you wish to see the town hall, click on this link: https://youtu.be/grDvnN83gRo..

Critical Race Theory, Georgetown, 7/29/21


June 15, 2021

Pro-Life News

Important, disturbing news: Planned Parenthood is planning to open in Sussex County.


According to the Delaware Family Policy Council, Planned Parenthood is expected to open in SEAFORD by the end of August at 800 Health Services Dr. We need to war in prayer.

Per Senator Bryant Richardson, who serves the Seaford area, “This is terrible news. We do not want them in our county. Not in our state either. Some cities are declaring themselves Sanctuary cities for the unborn. There are 31 of them in the United States…. Maybe we can ask the City Council for Seaford to become a sanctuary city for the unborn. Better yet, maybe the Sussex County Council members will make our county the sanctuary county for the unborn…. We need to pray hard about this and act.”

June 10, 2021
 “We the People” started as a group of the Republican members of the 38th District about 4 week ago.  They gather each Wednesday at 8:30 AM on the Bethany Boardwalk at the base of the flag pole.  They take 5 minutes out of their week to salute the American Flag by saying the Pledge of Allegience and sing “God Bless America.”  This is their way of showing support and appreciation for those who risk everything to keep us free and safe in our communities and abroad.  The group started with five participants.  Each week the attendance has grown.  People who were “recruited” on the spot in previous weeks are now showing up just to join in now.  Please join us! All are invited – no matter party affiliation. There is no minimum or maximum age.  Just be one of “We the People!”
June 7, 2021
More detail from our friends across the aisle (new map by our “FRIENDS”- bad news for them) about RE-DISTRICTING due to 2020 Census:
From the Cape Gazette:
“There are some districts upstate that have 11,000 voters, so don’t be surprised when we close down a district upstate and move it down south, because that’s the only way we can fix this,” said Speaker of the House Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf[.]
Schwartzkopf said definitely one new seat in the House of Representatives will be allocated to the area, possibly two.
Boy, when he pals around with his Republican friends, Speaker Pete sure does adopt a lot of Republican ideas, and this time he has definitely taken to the idea that not every person counts.




Delaware State News

Sunday February 6, 2022, page 8



Mr. President, here’s what Republicans stand for

“What are Republicans for?” President Joe Biden asked.

Mr. President, that is pretty easy to answer A few years ago, we would have enjoyed this debate in person, but today, you are president, and I am just a guy in the community, but I still take the challenge.

Republicans believe the individual should control his or her own destiny, not the state.

We believe the purpose of government is to protect life, liberty and property. The law exists to allow people to live free of arbitrary coercion, theft or fraud. We believe in all 10 amendments of the Bill of Rights and all three of the civil rights amendments as intended, not as we feel like interpreting them at the moment. We believe government policy should be sensible and modest in a way that makes life better for the people it serves.

We support law and order, as well as redemption and rehabilitation. We believe in voter rights and election integrity. We believe the family is the crucible of society and faith is the foundation of morality; therefore, the government must respect the role of family and religious institutions. We believe in free markets, not just when they make us money. One can’t prosper under the weight of central planning in the long run. Innovation comes from the reward of freedom. Free markets have done more for the world than any social program has to reduce poverty and improve the lives of people. We believe life is precious and the most basic of human rights. We believe work, thrift and keeping the rewards of one’s labor are human rights.

We believe that being able to freely walk the streets, be safe in your home and operate your business without being looted are basic foundations to a civilized society. We favor taxes to fund needed government programs,

not to redistribute wealth. We believe in universal human rights and a colorblind society. We are also against some things. We reject crime, inflation, socialism and anti-family policies. We reject border policies that unleash a drug epidemic and a human-trafficking nightmare. We reject fiscal policies that are eroding how far our paychecks go. We are opposed to policies that stop America from being able to feed itself, defend itself, medicate itself and fuel itself. We need to return the supply chain and its jobs to our shores. We need to put America first, not foreign lobbyists.

That is what Republicans are for, Mr. President: free markets, faith, family and freedom. Republicans believe in the values that made America great.

Dover City Councilman David Anderson




CRI News June 20, 2022

No Emission Reduction Gained From Increasing Wind & Solar






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